Journal of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

International Journal of Human Movement Science

ISSN : 1976-4391 (print)

ISSN : 2586-078X (online)

Vol.15 No.1

Current Issue
Influence of Pre-Season Physical Training Program for Korean Professional Soccer Referees on the Plasma Immune Markers

Gi-yeol Bang , Yun Seok Kang , Sukwon Kim , Chansol Hurr

15(1) 1-10, 2021


The Relationship between Stress, Self-Esteem and Learning Attitudes of Female Middle School Students

Jungtaek Shin

15(1) 11-18, 2021


A Critical Overview on the Characteristics of Early Korean Sociology of Sport

Seungyup Lim , Lars Dzikus , Keun-mo Lee , Hong-goo Lee

15(1) 19-32, 2021


Chronic Low-grade Inflammation and Aging

Bong-seok Oh

15(1) 33-47, 2021


An Analysis of Dance Film Framing Using Maya Deren’s Filmic Strategies: Focused on the Case of DV8 in the UK

Youngmi Ha , Youngmi Ha

15(1) 49-64, 2021


Effects of a Single Bout of Yoga on Self-esteem, Self-efficacy, and Happiness of College Students

James White Iii , Joni M. Boyd

15(1) 65-75, 2021